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How did superb sex make my girlfriend return to me? Based on True Story!
Size Does Matter

She rides me 3 times in a row. We change the position. I lie on one side and penetrate my penis into her. She moans with happiness. She grabs my buttocks and came closer to me. We change the position again. This time, I embrace her and move along with the rhythm. She pecks her beautiful nails on my back. She shivers and moans loudly…. Our sex is repeated like this again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow…

Мужские сексуальные фантазии

“Dan, just terminate our relationship!” My girlfriend told me that our relationship came to an end. Then, I was drinking heavy with Mick, my friend, and told him my problems. Obviously, my drunkenness told Mick everything without any explanation. My girlfriend told me that I could not satisfy and fulfill her desire. “What should I do?” I desperately asked Mick. “I want to marry her!” Mick asked me to tell him everything and I told him all details…

My girlfriend and I have been in the relationship for 8 months. At the beginning, everything went well – dating, flirting, and two times of sex a day. However, our relationship became worse. We often had the non-sense quarrels while my girlfriend was moody all the times. And then, my girlfriend began to talk about the termination of our relationship… Our sexual intercourse frequency decreased to once a month…

And finally zero a month!

We had a quarrel again and my girlfriend made a slip that I could not satisfy her. She also added that she wanted to return to her ex-boyfriend. She told me that her ex-boyfriend was better than me. I asked my girlfriend “Why?” Her answer was that his cock was bigger than mine!

At first, I did not pay attention much to her words. My penis size is moderate or might be slightly smaller than the normal ones. I never thought that the sexual problems I had with my ex-girlfriends were involved with my penis size. I tried to please my girlfriend with a lot of gifts, decorations, and flowers instead but everything I did was in vain. Our relationship became worse and

worse… “You are so dumb!” Mick condemned me. “Your girlfriend told you directly what she wanted and what she did not like. If you are still childish, you will lose her soon!” Mick always encourages me with his thoughts and words. So, I firmly decided to do something to change my penis size!

Hard Changes

I began to look for the information related to the alternative penis enlargement. I ignored the surgery and the special penis enlargement methods inserting something in my penis. Imagining the surgery, bleeding, healing, rehabilitation, and possible side effects, oh…NO! I wanted the method that is effective, easy to use, and surely painless.

I came across an advertisement on a reliable and effective product. It has been guaranteed by a lot of physicians. This product might be able to help me. However, the price was very high while the product contains the chemical ingredients. I did not want to harm my body with such kind of dangerous product.

When I began to calm down on terminating the relationship with my girlfriend, I found an advertisement of these drops on the website of the doctor. I read all details and realized that this product is the one I’m looking for. Hammer of Thor is the dietary supplement product with 100% natural extracts. So, the body can excellently absorb such extracts. The penis will be naturally enlarged when the blood flow is activated and when the tissue cells are grown. According to the doctor’s explanation, these drops are safe and cheaper than the chemical capsule I mentioned before. I reconsidered and decided to buy these drops. As I was afraid of the fake product, I ordered these drops from the official website of Hammer of Thor After ordering the product, I waited for it with excitement. Finally, I got the package and I called my girlfriend to come to my place.

First Round on Sofa

I secretly took the drops approximately 30 minutes before her visit. We watched some films and I felt that my penis erected. At first, I did not notice anything but while having sex, I felt that my emotion was more relieving. I was even more surprised when observing my girlfriend’s strange reaction. Firstly, she shouted and moaned harder than before. Secondly, she wanted to give me the blowjob. Previously, she always refused and tried to find any excuse on not giving me the blowjob. Thirdly, when we took a rest after having sex, my girlfriend told me that this is her best sex in the 8 months of our relationship. This might be the coincidence or these drops could really help me.

I took these drops every time before having sex with my girlfriend. Normally, I do not use the words like “The results are beyond the expectation.” but in fact my penis increased up to 1.18" just within 2 weeks. I also felt that I wanted more sex. Our sex lasted longer. Most importantly, my girlfriend always wanted to come to my place. She forgot her ex-boyfriend and did not talk more about leaving me. Recently, she even told me that she love me!

Actually, this might be the coincidence or I was so lucky that my penis was enlarged without any explanation. Hammer of Thor Hammer of Thor did save me and I already realized its effective results by myself!

Reliable Method

Guys, if you have problems with your girlfriend, if she no longer loves you, or does not pay attention to you, just remember that excellent sex is the best medication that can solve all problems. Satisfy and fulfill your girlfriend! Then, everything will resume to the normality in a short time. If you still want the love, then just improve the situation like what I did before.


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  1. This is the great story :))) At first I thought that this is the porn site. I wish you a good luck. I do not have any sexual problem. So, these drops are not necessary for me now.

  2. Are you kidding? How long have you taken these drops? When did you start taking this product? Were the results instantly noticeable? Were they any side effects?

  3. I took these drops several years ago. After that I could not buy them anymore. I did not know where to buy them. My penis increased 1.5” in length and the result lasted so long. I want to try this product again to make my penis an inch longer.

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  5. Has anyone here ordered this product? What are your results?

  6. I ordered this product because I was forced by my wife. We have been married for 20 years now. Actually, there is nothing new about our sex life. In fact, I do not like these sex enhancement products. I think they are just a cheat. Many men think like me. However, my wife told me that if I still could not satisfy her, she would leave me to find the new guy. That’s why I decided to take these drops. At first, I thought that the product is the cheat but it really worked for me. The results are really wonderful. After three months, my penis increases 1.6” in length. I bang my wife every time I see her. I do recommend this product. You will not regret!

  7. This is a SCAM! Is there any such effective product in the market? SCAM! Masturbation is even better than this product!

  8. Calm down Mr. Somkiat. The product is not that so expensive! Just think about the results you will get. It’s worthwhile for trying.

  9. I already ordered the product. If I’m not wrong, there is the special promotion for discount. I did not tell my wife about this product. I believe the author of this article and I also want to surprise my wife.

  10. I want to try! Is the promotion still available?